Special Tournaments


Every so often we will do a lighting tournaments. Meaning that speed and stamina will be your friend. One game at the time all the way to the top. If you lose you are out and will have to wait till the next one.




Controlling players old school style. We have foosball tables and tournaments. Lets see who can become the first Urban Fútbol Foosball Champ.



Is FIFA pretty much the only game you play? Show us your skills! I'm sure there will be plenty competition...Hey! you might even win something. #thumpsUp.


Ping Pong

playing table is green, there is a ball, a net but it is not soccer. For those who might need a break or want to keep winning, let's play some Ping Pong. Show us your skills! Hey! you might even win something.


More Information COMING SOON

Email us at play@urban-futbol.com